Version 1.1.1 (15 February 2005)


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This script allows you to convert the encoding of an XML file according to one of the choices listed below.

Simply choose the conversion, use the Browse button to locate the XML file on your own disk and click "Convert".

XML file to be converted:



Some browsers may not understand the converted file as an XML file or be unable to display XML at all and will therefore display the output incorrectly. Use File > Save As to save the file as an XML file. Then open the file in an XML editor to perform any additional changes and validate the result against the Menota DTD.

This conversion tool has been tested with Internet Explorer and Opera on the Windows platform and OmniWeb on the Mac platform.


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Version 1.0 published 20 May 2003. Version 1.1 published 5 May 2004. Version 1.1.1 published 15 February 2005.