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A. Characters

Version 2.0 (16 May 2008). Links updated 12 July 2016.


Synchronisation with MUFI

As of v. 2.0 of the Menota handbook, the selection and encoding of characters have been synchronised with the MUFI character recommendation. This recommendation lists more than 1,500 characters in the Latin alphabet of potential use for the encoding of Medieval Nordic primary sources:

The MUFI character recommendation v. 4.0 (22 December 2015)

The MUFI character recommendation lists Unicode code points and entity names for all characters in the file. Exactly the same entity names have been used in the Menota list of entities, cf. Appendix D.1.1.

The MUFI character recommendation v. 4.0 and the Menota entity list are compatible with the Unicode Standard v. 8.0, published 17 June 2015.


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