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B. Fonts

MUFI compatible fonts

Version 2.0 (16 May 2008). Links updated 12 July 2016.

MUFI compatible fonts

As of v. 2.0 of the Menota handbook, MUFI compatible fonts are recommended for the display of any texts encoded according to the Menota guidelines. A list of MUFI compatible fonts can be found on the MUFI web site:

Note that several of the MUFI fonts can be downloaded free of charge. At present, all fonts are in the format Windows TrueType. Fonts of this type can be used on all major computer platforms, such as Linux, Mac (OS X), and Windows.

As of 2016, all texts in the archive of Menota are displayed by Web Open Format Fonts, so that no special fonts need to be installed for browsing. See:


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