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Changes from TEI P4 to TEI P5 which concerns Menota

Changes in the XML Document Prologue
Changes from P4 to P5
Changes from MASTER to P5

TEI P5 1.0 published was published November 2, 2007.

Changes in the XML Document Prologue

The document type declaration (DTD) had to be changed from the P4 to the P5 version of the Menota schema because entity list are not a legal part of the TEI schemas for P5. In Menota, the entities are important and numerous, and when using P5, a separate file with the entities has to be made and included into all XML documents which need them. The various schema languages does not have support for entities, only DTD has, so all documents using the Menota encoding will have to refer to a DTD, where the entities have been included, as shown in Appendix D.3: Referring to the Menota schema.

Changes from P4 to P5

Root element

The root element has been changed from TEI.2 to TEI

@resp in <sic>

The attribute @resp in the element <sic> has been removed in P5. It was probably an error to have it declared in P4. Example 22 in chapter 7 of the Menota Handbook used it. This example has been removed from version 2.0 of the handbook.


The content model of <change> in <revisionDesc> is changed, the element <respStmd> is removed, and the content is more narrative. An example may look like this:

<change>On <date value="2006-02-02">2 February 2006</date>, 
<name>Tone Merete Bruvik</name> edited the file according to the 
TEI P5 0.3.1 published on 30 January 2006. </change> 

@langKey changed into @mainLang

The attribute @langKey in <textLang> has been changed into @mainLang:

<textLang langKey="oic">Old Icelandic</textLang> 
<textLang mainLang="oic">Old Icelandic</textLang></change> 

Encoding of hands

<handList> has been replaced with <handNotes>

<hand> has been replaced with <handNote>

Attribute changes

The element <date> has an attribute @when, which in P4 was called @value

Changes from MASTER to P5

Menota v. 1.1 contained the recommendations from the MASTER project. TEI P5 includes the recommendations from the TEI Manuscript Description Taskforce. Although the recommendations from TEI Manuscript Description Task are based on the MASTER recommendations, there are some differences which Menota has to handle.

Main changes

<msHeading> has been removed

The element <msHeading> is not in P5, and the content of this element has to be encoded otherwise.

<msWriting> is removed

The elementet <msWriting> has been removed, <handDesc>should be used in its place.

Encoding in MASTER:

<msWriting hands="1">
  <handDesc script="Hybrida" scope="major">
    <p>The main hand (Hand 1) writes <locus>ff. 1r-9r and
    16r-118v</locus> in a practised Gothic hybrid.</p>

Encoding in P5:

<handDesc hands="1">
  <handNote script="Hybrida" scope="major">
    <p>The main hand (Hand 1) writes ff. 1r-9r and
    16r-118v in a practised Gothic hybrid.</p>

Encoding of roles

In MASTER, the attribute @role in the <name> element was used to encode the role of the person whose name was stated in the element. This attribute is not available in P5, so the Menota project had to decide how this should be encoded. This example is given in '10.6 The history of the manuscript':

  <p>According to AM 435 a 4to, ff. 54v-56v, the manuscript had been owned by 
  <name type="person" role="owner">Sr. Þórður Jónsson á <name type="place">Staðastað</name>
  (1672-1720)</name>, who had got it from <name type="person" role="owner">Jón Hákonarson 
  að <name type="place">Vatnshorni</name> ...

We suggest that @subtype is used to replace @role in this case.

Changes in <sourceDesc>

It is not longer valid to have both <p> and <msDescription> as child elements of <sourceDesc>. A <p> element should be moved into a <summary> element like this (sample from AM 233 a fol):

 	    <country key="DK">Denmark</country>
 	    <repository>The Arnamagn&aelig;an Institute</repository>
 	    <idno>AM 233 a fol</idno>
     <summary>The source is an anonymous translation from Latin 
				into Old Norse made in the second half of the 12th century, 
				possibly in Norway. The original is lost and the text is only 
				preserved in younger Icelandic manuscripts, including the two 
				fragments in AM 233 a fol, fol. 28rA (the first column on the 
				recto page) and 28vB (the second column on the verso page). 
				This fragment is dated to 1350-1360 in "Ordbog over det 
				norrøne prosasprog" (Index volume).</summary>

Minor changes

<msDescription> has been changed into <msDesc>

Attribute values

The value of the attribute @defective in <msItem> should have the values 'true' or 'false', not 'yes' or 'no'. This applies to other Boolean attributes as well.

The attributes @technique, @figurative and @illustrative in the <decoNote> element have been removed in P5.

The attribute @reg in the <country> has been removed. Use for instance @key.

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