Version 1.0 (20 May 2003)

Chap. 1. Text encoding using XML
Chap. 2. Basic units: characters and words
Chap. 3. Levels of text representation
Chap. 4. Document structure
Chap. 5. Characters: typology and encoding
Chap. 6. Abbreviations: typology and encoding
Chap. 7. Altered, corrected and unreadable text
Chap. 8. Lemmatisation
Chap. 9. Metrical encoding
Chap. 10. Manuscript description

Character list (NB! Large page - please be patient)
XML editors
Document Type Definition
Menota header
Conversion tools

Works cited

Bibliographical note. This handbook may be cited as:
The Menota handbook: Guidelines for the electronic encoding of Medieval Nordic primary sources. Version 1.0. Bergen: Medieval Nordic Text Archive, 2003.

Preliminary version created 15 January 2002. Version 1.0 published 20 May 2003.